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CIMA Research Foundation has developed the CETASMUS program, a training experience on methodologies for cetacean monitoring. The program offers both theoretical modules – with dedicated seminars and workshops – and technical and practical sampling and data collection at sea, on issues such as distribution, abundance and behaviour of cetaceans.

CETASMUS foresees two different types of internship:

  • Field Internship: aim of the internship is to provide hands on experience on cetacean surveys. Interns will be involved in all the surveys of a specific project. As office work is not foreseen for this type of internship, interns will have free time when not involved in sea surveys. Field internship is particularly indicated for students willing to gain field experience and also needing time to prepare exams or personal projects (without supervision). Minimum Commitment: 2 months
  • Research Internship: aim of the internship is to provide hands on experience on cetacean research, from data collection at sea to data analysis. Interns will be involved in surveys of their specific project AND will be trained on data-entry and data analysis. Office work can be used for the development of a thesis / internship report under CIMA Researchers supervision. Free time will be agreed directly with supervisor. Minimum Commitment: 5 months


  • Applicants should possess or be enrolled in a BS or MS course in biology, environmental sciences or a related major;
  • Applicants must be reliable, motivated and team oriented, have a positive attitude as well as a genuine interest in marine mammal sciences;
  • Applicants must be adaptable and patient as fieldwork is highly weather dependent. This means long consecutive days in the field when weather permits while no cruises during bad weather periods;

Specific Qualifications:

  • Previous field experience is preferred (photo-id / visual census).

Because of the training required, preference will be given to interns applying for longer periods.

These positions are an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in marine mammal research to strengthen their skills and above all to gain practical experience in the field.

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The CETASMUS program is free of charges to participants. Successful applicants are responsible for their own transportation expenses to and fromItalyand for accommodation inSavonaduring the entire staying. All costs related to at sea surveys will be covered by CIMA Research Foundation.

Cetasmus interns on board