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Flood-PROOFS (Flood PRObabilistic Operative Forecasting System) is a system designed by CIMA Research Foundation to support decision makers during the operational phases of flood forecasting and monitoring. The goal is to protect the population and infrastructure from damage caused by intense precipitation events.

The Flood-PROOFS system manages the data flow deriving from various modelling tools developed by the CIMA Research Foundation (RainFarm, Continuum and Telemach 2D) to return a quantitative assessment of the effects that precipitation can have on the territory in terms of flow and probability to overcome the critical thresholds in the different basins. Flood-PROOFS uses satellite products to improve the capabilities of the Continuum hydrological model to reproduce the state of the basin and thus to obtain a more detailed and accurate forecast.

The system has been operating since 2008 at various Functional Centers (Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta and Marche) where it is used for the issue of hydro-meteorological warnings for civil protection purposes. At the technical offices of the Valle d'Aosta Water Company (CVA) it is instead useful to study and implement strategies to mitigate flood events or to secure facilities in the event of flooding.