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Assimilation of remote sensing, GNSS and weather station data to improve extreme event forecasts and support air traffic management

SINOPTICA is a project funded under the European Horizon 2020 programme and dedicated to the assimilation of data for the improvement of mathematical models used in the prediction of extreme events, in order to support air traffic management. In particular, the project aims to exploit the data obtained from remote sensing, both satellite and ground-based, from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and in situ weather stations.

Started in June 2020 and finishing on December 2022, SINOPTICA intends to create a regularly updated database, collecting all the variables coming from the different surveying systems. These data will then be automatically assimilated into the weather forecast model, the results of which can be integrated into air traffic management support tools. The project also plans to study the possibility of implementing sensor networks that monitor atmospheric variables at certain critical points for air traffic management, for example near airports.

CIMA Research Foundation, coordinator of the project, will focus in particular on the execution of meteorological simulations with high spatial and temporal resolution, including data assimilation, in nowcasting mode.