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Flood-PRObabilistic Operational Forecasting System

Flood-PROOFS (Flood-PRObabilistic Operational Forecasting System) is a system designed to assist decision makers during the operational phases of flood forecasting, nowcasting, mitigation and monitoring in small and medium catchments (areas of the order of some 10^3 km^2), typical of Mediterranean and Alpine environment.  It is operative in real time, since 2008, at the Functional Centre of Valle d’Aosta Italian Region and at Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque (CVA) S.p.a. technical offices. The Functional Centre of Valle d’Aosta Region uses Flood-PROOFS for managing hydro-meteorological hazard alerts and warnings for Civil Protection purposes. The main priority is the defense of the citizens, their goods and, in general, the safeguard of all that can be damaged by the ground effects of intense precipitation events. CVA personnel employ Flood-PROOFS both for the definition of strategies useful to mitigate flood effects and for preventing damages to the hydraulic structures in the case of extreme precipitation events.

Flood-PROOFS ingest data and manages the model workflow needed for the hydro-meteorological forecast: meteorological models, real time meteorological stations data, real time hydraulic structures maneuvers data and satellite data are considered in this process. It furnishes a quantitative evaluation of ground effects in term of discharge and peak flow and gives the probability to overcome critical levels in some outlet sections of the catchments..

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