Project Description

Program for the Prediction, Prevention and Mitigation of Forest Fire and Flood Risk in Albania

Funder: Italian Civil Protection Department

Partnership: Italian Civil Protection Department, Presidency of the Council of Ministers CIMA Foundation General Directorate for Civil Emergency, Ministry of Interior – Republic of Albania National Hydrometeorologial service of Albania-IGEWE Institute for Geoscienze, Energy, Water and Environment 

Duration: October 2010- July 2012

The natural hazards context in Albania highlight that the territory is vulnerable to multiple hazards such as floods, fires, landslides, earthquake, droughts, extreme temperatures, man-made disasters. While disasters were considered natural events against which response was the only action, it is widely accepted by Disaster managers that more efforts should be posed on disaster risk reduction initiative like prevention and preparedness as they are more effective in reducing and mitigate the risks. Despite the general consensus on the necessity to allocate more resources in development aid than in emergency aids, donors and countries are only slightly allocating resources to Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR, 2012). The “Program for Prediction, Prevention and Mitigation of Forest Fire and Flood risk in Albania” is an initiative funded by the Italian Civil Protection for strengthening the capacity of the Albanian Civil Protection for the prediction and prevention of wildfire and flood risk. This is a development aid initiative.

The rationale lying behind the program jointly managed by the Albanian and the Italian Civil protections is that of strengthening the Albanian National System for the prediction and prevention of forest fires and flooding. This is an initiative of the Italian government aimed at implementing in Albania the systems currently used by the Italian National “Functional Centres”. The “Functional Centres” are the Operations Centres in charge for assessment forecasting, and surveillance of natural and man-made risks and represent a key component of the Italian Civil Protection System. CIMA Foundation is acting in its capacity as Executing Agency of the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC) in the framework of the International Cooperation between the two Countries. The “Program for Prediction, Prevention and Mitigation of Forest Fire and Flood risk in Albania” addresses four objectives: the first is to establish a National Centre for Forecasting and Monitoring of Natural Risk/National Functional Centre, a National Operations Centre and two Regional Operations Centres; the second is to design and implement an intensive training programme for risk assessment and management; the third is to adapt the Italian Early Warning System for forest fires to the whole Albanian territory; the fourth is to adapt the Italian Early Warning System for floods to the Buna river and the Shkodra region.

During the floods of January 2010 and December 2010 that affected the area of Shkodra- north of Albania- CIMA cooperates with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Italian Civil Protection and whole team of the OPERA project, to support of the Albanian Civil Protection with a service of rapid mapping of the inundated area from satellite data



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